Easy way to fix tsc not found problems

August 23, 2020 by Archie Steele


If you find that the tsc command was not found, this article should help.

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If your TSC command is not found after successfully installing TypeScript on MacOS (with the following command: $ sudo npm install -g typescript) make sure the PATH variable in .bash_profile has node / bin path added. Open it and try the command: $ tsc --version.



and an example tsc --version , but they only confirm that the tsc command was actually found. I have searched and suggested many ways through Stackoverflow, Github and various sites. but the problem doesn't work. How could I know what typescript is being generated and where the element is located?

tsc command not found

My operating system is mostly Unix, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, The node version was 4.4.3, npm - 3,10,5

If that still doesn't work, run npm config procure prefix to see where npm install -g usually puts facts (add bin to specific output) and make sure - make sure everyone is on all paths (node ​​config will do this. You may have forgotten to disable this option).

If your own TSC command can be described as not found on MacOS after the most efficient installation of TypeScript (using the command here: $ sudo npm install -l typescript ), make sure the Plan Node is / bin was added to allow customization of PATH in .bash_profile .

They are typical for any chaos and global systems and computer path. A simple mistake can damage any project you already have.set up and you'll probably spend the rest of the night creating a console.log ('hello') to make sure you're back to work: - =.

Solution Without Administrator Rights

I did this on my computer by simply finding sudo npm install in the directory where I encountered the error.

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