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If your system has Smart LAN BIOS option, we hope this article can help you fix this problem. Onboard LAN is a specialized chipset on the motherboard that is designed for the network responsibility of a computer, for example. B. for home networking and internet connectivity.



What is onboard LAN?

Replied April 20, 2016. This simply means that the Ethernet network ports are built into the motherboard of your server or PC, instead of buying and installing a separate PCI network card with Ethernet ports. The downside is that you get stuck at the speed of the ports that came with your computer.

Many BIOSes associated with modern versions have diagnostic tools built into the network connection. ASUS motherboards have dedicated “LAN Cable Status” or “AI Net2” slots, for which “Advanced” type can be built in in addition to “Tools”. Gigabyte's Motherboard Scan Utility creates SMART LAN here in the Onboard Peripherals class. Other tools are also found in next generation motherboards.

smart lan bios option

A twisted pair cable consists of three pairs connected by wires. The status of each created one is displayed in the "Status: open" section. The mixture is out of date or contains an error. Normal - the exit to the match is normal, besides the fact that it is short - the pair is usually short-circuited. The desired length of the power cable in the mirielle is displayed at "length" before failure or interruption.

Wire pairs 4-5 and 7-8 are definitely used at the current 10/100 Mbps network card speed, so they can be set as open or short.

What is LAN Optimizer?

LAN Optimizer is a free application that, together with the Realtek 8111E LAN Network Controller, monitors and manages your PC's network behavior.

If the POST Check LAN Cable option is Enabled Enabled, network checks are run every time it is started No PC. In the event of an error, the start-up is stopped and a functional warning is displayed on the screen. This is useful in cases where free server space is required for the computer to function. Otherwise, the Disabled option for this batch option is expanded to never increase the total startup time.



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