Corrective Actions for Segment Error in Problem C

September 10, 2020 by William Walton


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Over the past few days, some of our users reported that they encountered segment errors in c. A hash dump / segmentation error is a specific type of error caused by accessing memory that is "not yours". When code tries to read and write to a read-only memory region or shared memory block, it is a core dump. This is an error indicating memory corruption.



What mistakes can cause a segmentation fault?

There are four common mistakes that lead to segmentation faults: dereferencing a NULL, dereferencing an uninitialized pointer, dereferencing a pointer that is freed (or deleted) or out of scope (in the case of arrays declared in functions) in C ++. and copy the end of the array.

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What is meant by segmentation fault?

In computing, a segmentation fault (often abbreviated as Segfault) or access violation is an error or error condition that is triggered by memory-protected hardware and notifies the operating system from which the program attempted to access a limited area of ​​memory (memory access violation).

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