PCR solutions to repeat mistakes

August 03, 2020 by Finley Moran


If you are getting pcr error code repetition error, this user guide was created to help you.

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PCR repetition error: This error occurs when the time interval between two consecutive PCR values ​​is greater than 40ms and can result in a 27 MHz clock offset or loss of lock.



What is PCR jitter?

Network jitter is the result of changes in path delay. Network jitter is also known as PCR_Arrival_time_jitter. The PCR offset is the difference between the PCR clock frequency and the required 27 MHz clock.

I am asking which one is due to DVB requirements (see more information) Months of maintenance for PCR errors> 100 ms. In addition, there are many devices that typically log PCR errors with PCR at around 50ms.

What causes continuity counter errors?

A continuity counter (CC) is stored in the header of each transport packet (TP) in a transport stream (TS). This can occur due to initial setup and configuration errors, but it can also occur after installation due to device crashes / errors and loss of synchronization.

You will probably ignore whether you already confirm the answer or not. This type of information contains additional material to the standards that I have found.

pcr repetition error

A PCR precision error occurs when the transferred PCR value does not match the expected value by more than five nanoseconds. The expected PCR value is good if extremely stable internal clock> in the experimental device and old PCR values ​​are used. The calculated PCR is then effectively compared with the biased> PCR values ​​to verify accuracy. It is important to note that large recipients do not contain relatively accurate clocks, and all these errors can significantly affect them.

link to program clock (PCR) Coding: the time interval between two consecutive PCR levels of the same program is unlikely to exceed> 100 ms and in ITU-T H.222.0 state 2.7.2 for each ISO / IEC 13818-1 [1]. DecoSetting: IRD should work correctly and have a PCR for almost all programs that come at intervals that can be no more 100 ms



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