How to fix Windows 2003 hard drive or non-system hard drive errors?

August 03, 2020 by Tyler Tims


At times, your system may display an error code indicating that it is not your system hard drive or Windows 2003 hard drive. There can be multiple causes for this problem.

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The full message is there. Non-system hard drive or hard drive failure Replace any key and press it when ready. This usually meant that there was a non-bootable floppy disk in drive A. DOS looked for the operating system on the floppy disk in front of the hard disk. If there was a regular floppy disk when starting drive A, this error occurred.



1) There are 10 partitions on my server. Select C: \ Windows (20GB) d: \ Find Project Page (100GB) e: \ Edplib (15GB)

2) I am trying to recreate a section. Grow d: \ and e: \ are extremely large in you. I manage to delete the d: \ partition as well as the format without starting the game, with almost no drives assigned, but when I try to delete the e: \ partition the wide selection cannot be selected. I am using CD management to format the hard drive in my computer. Then I reboot the current server.

What is a system disk?

System Floppy - Computer Detection
A hard disk, CD-ROM or floppy disk that contains all or part of an operating system or other control program. See bootable hard drive, system file and system folder.

4) This means I am rebooting most of the server without returning the drive that did not boot for d: \ (unpartition). After I start my computer, the server just cannot start from the message. NTDLR loses "

5) I scanned the CD to fix some missing data files, and found that the Windows main drive had been updated to D: \ windows, which is usually called in theory c: \ windows, and I suspect the Windows files won't start ...

6) Then using the get diskpart.exe file in a few prompts, I manage to save a partition of 20GB (ntfs), 100GB (no partitions) and 15GB and there is no doubt that there are basically 2the option of creating a general section or deleting a specific section (see Application-specific (image P1000309.jpg).

non system disk or disk error windows 2003

7) From there I can erase the 15GB partition and have not yet merged it to the d: \ partition. Then I just restarted the server as you can see

What does Invalid system disk mean?

Invalid system diskette, replace diskette and press any key. This essentially means that your boot disk or partition or data may have been corrupted or corrupted, preventing your computer from starting normally.

8) After the computer, the item "Error when the hard disk does not fit or an empty hard disk" is removed, followed by a new restart and restart, equipped with a CD. I am formatting the exact section I just created

11) For your information, the Windows directory is usually always located at c: \ windows. I have a complete understanding of how to fix this error message method.

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