Solved: Suggestions to fix Jenn Air error code

August 23, 2020 by William Walton


This user guide describes some of the possible causes that can lead to Jenn Air's error code, and then shows how to fix the problem.

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F3 / F4 - Oven temperature sensor shorted or open (RTD) - Oven temperature sensor shorted or open (RTD) - Check the connection between the oven controller and the sensor and the oven harness of the sensor cables. If the wiring is correct, replace the oven temperature sensor (RTD). F5 - Watchdog and hardware conflict - replace the control board (clock).



Jenn-Air Device Error Codes

Note. Depending on the identification of the device, almost all different names may be present at this time due to the "clock" component. Electronic zone control, ERC, electronic oven control, COU, loss table and wall clock all belong to the relevant part.

How do I identify my Jenn Air range?

The model and serial numbers can be found either behind the drawer on the right side of the oven frame or on the right side of the bottom oven frame.

F1 - Defective touch panel or control board - Replace the touch panel, start the board (clock) with both for a specific module. See F1 Test Timing for more information.

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F2 - The temperature in the oven is too high. Replace relay (if available) or oven atmosphere sensor depending on model. Point to check sensor / probe harness.

F3 / F4 - Oven temperature sensor shorted or open (RTD) - Oven temperature sensor shorted or open (RTD) - Check all connections between the oven control type and therefore the oven sensor and the special sensor wiring harness. If the wiring is OK, replace the oven temperature sensor (RTD).

F7 - Function key short-circuited or lockedGiven. - Replace the tactile rest home or touch the safety and control barrier (clock) if only one module is available.

F1 - Relay element power is energized during time display - check wiring harness and enable relay boards to eliminate bottlenecks. Replace if faulty. Note: Install a second tandoor plate for double ovens.

F2 is the oven temperature measured at 600 ° F by controlling the time of day, cooking mode, or above 900 ° F in cleaning mode - ohms, see high temperature sensor in the oven. Replace if defective. If it is good, replace the power board.

Is Jenn Air high end?

Whether you're looking for a single oven, double oven, gas or commercial-style twin burners, JennAir's premium ovens and stoves are presented in two design expressions, with features and connectivity that offer an entertaining and transparent experience. ,

F3 - Fan on without selected oven function - Check the oven temperature alarm or the cable directly to the oven heating zone sensor. Replace, assuming broken.

F4 - The temperature sensor in the oven is closed. Check the pan temperature sensor harness to display the actual oven temperature. Replace while defective.

F5 - Power supply, if the element relay is to be disconnected in p Cooking mode. - Check model temperature sensor and wiring harness. Also check the contact around the power board.

jenn air error code

F8 - Meat Probe Short Circuit Alarm - This usually only happens when the probe detects a temperature above 250F. Make sure the sensor hub and wire harness are not damaged.

How do you unlock Jenn AIR?

Jenn Air oven door is locked - what should I do?
  1. Press the Cancel / Stop button to begin resetting the latch. Wait 20 to 30 seconds and open the door.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker or fuse box for one minute, then turn it back on.

FF - incorrect display of temperature on the power relay board. - Check the sump temperature sensor and wiring harness. If this works, replace the Muscle Information Panel.



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