Tips to fix HP Mini Overclock bios

August 22, 2020 by Samuel Draper


In this guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that HP Mini Overclock Bios can cause, and then we will identify some possible fixes that you can try to fix.

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Best Overclocking Software: 15 Best Apps
  1. CPUZ and GPUZ. Information is power.
  2. AMD Overdrive.
  3. Intel Desktop Control Center.
  4. Tools for motherboards.
  5. MemSet and tweaker processor.
  6. SetFSB.
  7. Official overclocking schedule.
  8. Riva tuner.



In 2009, I was one of the HP Mini311 homes to regain overclocking capability. I honestly applied the technique for the first time. The HP Mini311 is and remains (in my opinion) the best mini netbook on the market. It uses some kind of Intel Atom PC, but it has all the Nvidia Ion GPUs in it. The Mini311 seemed to be one of the first stand alone netbooks to use an Nvidia GPU that matches your actual Nvidia 9400m. This GPU offers the idea of ​​1080p playback, which is very impressive when building a netbook.

Can you overclock a HP Pavilion?

How to overclock HP Pavilion 15 CC-134TX laptops? Sorry, but you are not overclocking the laptop processor. With rare exceptions, they are not designed to handle the rise in temperature like a table. Your model is equipped with an Intel® Core \ i2-8550U processor.

When I first wanted to buy a working netbook, I was looking for your computer, which I could always take with me, and it was available so quickly. However, I didn’t want to have a paradigm netbook that wasn’t ready to do certain tasks that I wanted to dump around. For this reason, I kept on waiting for a more powerful breed to be created in the netbook. The HP Mini311 was a great choice.

The force of the Mini311 can be increased by overclocking the components. Initially, the only way to overclock my 311 was through software. Now one is constantly being updatedModified BIOS, many of which unlocked almost all functions. So users can get another 311 review along the way. Instructions can probably be found here.

After flashing the BIOS and setting the correct slight overclocking (1.8GHz from 1.6GHz), my Mini311 can perform a number of all the functions I need for various other day to day tasks. Should my main netbook fail, this mini netbook is a quick replacement. Considering that I bought $ 400 for which it was a very good investment. I noticed it was finished shortly after production, which I think was due to the threat of Dizrrstrr Bilgisayar being sold. Why would anyone pay ~ $ 800 for a laptop at the right time when the $ 400 netbook offers extreme features? I noticed where the 311 was difficult to see during production. As a reminder, Best Buy, or any of the larger retailers, did not wear it. In fact, I traveled a lot to finally find it in stock. I am sure that Marketing mastered the same option and decided that a particular organization was a good threat to profit.were.

Although I have had a specific Microsoft Surface since then, I have restarted my Mini 311. I recently saw Nvidia write Windows 8 owners for the Ion platform! The Mini 311 is actually no better in Windows 8.1 and also in Windows 7.

hp mini overclock bios

To complete a secure installation, install the latest Nvidia Ion drivers and the six Windows chipset drivers for the nForce 730i. I think the latest version 15.59 (link) is generally somewhat outdated, but still better than reaching for the "unknown device" language in the tablet manager. Once a person installs each of our chipset drivers, select storage options in addition to the SMU. Usually drivers for graphics, audio or Ethernet cannot be installed, so you get them from the Ion package. The nForce Ethernet driver provided by Microsoft will also be available at a later date. Enjoy your fresh Mini 311!

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