Fix: Suggestions to Fix Erasing Hard Drive and Reinstall Windows

August 23, 2020 by Archie Steele


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Over the past few days, some users have told us how to erase your hard drive and reinstall Windows. Remove everything and reinstall (uninstall) - Windows takes the hard drive, formats it, and starts over. This usually provides the best performance because there are no unnecessary files on the hard drive. You will need to reinstall all your applications, documents, drivers, etc.



Reinstalling Windows is considered the correct sign before all other failed software troubleshooting attempts, and you can install or reinstall a clean Windows sequence on your computer.

Should I wipe my hard drive before reinstalling Windows?

Removing the hard drive before reinstalling Windows 7 is the preferred installation method and provides optimal performance. A fresh installation will destroy the old copy of Windows and all data on the disk. Therefore, make a backup of all necessary data before doing this.

Most of the time, clean mount is what you are trying to use for Windows automatic troubleshooting to solve your problems. Correct installation will return the computer to the state it was in during the ceremony in which you first saw it.

In a lawsuit, this is still not very good: the correct installation should be reserved for your most serious problems with the Windows operating system right now, as some data on the primary partition of your disk is frustrating (usually the C drive) gets deleted during the operation.

How To Install Windows

A Windows-related error-free installation occurs during Windows startup, deleting the current Windows installation (if any), before starting to install a new operating system, or reinstalling the home operating system To him.

In versions of Windows prior to Windows 10, the client steps required to complete a specific installation can vary significantly depending on the operating system you are using:

Important Memories

May 2021 Update:

We now suggest using this software program for your issue. Also, Reimage repairs typical computer system errors, defends you from file loss, malicious software, computer system failures and optimizes your Pc for maximum performance. You can fix your Pc challenges swiftly and prevent others from happening by using this software:

  • Step 1 : Download and install Computer Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista - Microsoft Certified).
  • Step 2 : Click on “Begin Scan” to uncover Pc registry problems that may be causing Pc difficulties.
  • Step 3 : Click “Repair All” to fix all errors.


Keep in mind that a truly clean install for Windows will remove any generators that Windows might be installed on. When we say everything, we mean everything. You will try to improve everything that you need to keep, and before you start this important process! You can back up our files online, possibly using a real backup tool

To access the individual apps you want to keep, you must be prepared to reinstall your programs as well. Recover your original installation discs and purchased program configurations so you can install any program on your current computer. The main way to test all of your positioned programs is to save them to text files, which are different in CCleaner. It's easy to do through Tools> Delete.

After the complete installation is complete, your software should not contain any programs other than those provided with your previous Windows installation.

how to clear hard drive and reinstall windows



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