What's the latest free DirectX runtime download and how to fix it?

September 12, 2020 by Bobby Booze


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Here are some easy ways to fix the problem of free downloading the latest version of the DirectX execution engine. DirectX Web Installer End User is a collection of DirectX libraries and components required to run multiple graphical user interfaces on Windows. The main DirectX download, dxwebsetup.exe, downloads all currently available versions of DirectX and its updates, including DirectX 9.0, 9.0c, 10, and 11.



However, Microsoft has been warned to release effective versions of DirectX, and installing the latest updates is likely to solve a DirectX problem you may be experiencing, such as B. dsetup.dll errors, or will increase the performance of all your games and precision graphics programs.

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Windows DirectX Versions

Not all versions of Windows only support all DirectX devices. Find out how any version connected to DirectX performs better than the Windows family.

Is Microsoft DirectX free?

Direct3D (DirectX 3D Graphics API) is widely used in video game development for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox line of consoles. Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 ship with DirectX, as have all versions of Windows since then. The SDK is available for free download.

DirectX 12 is included with Windows Ten and is only supported on the Windows Linked Box version. Updates for DirectX 12 are only available through Windows Update. Standalone DirectX 17 product is not available.

March 2021 Update:

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DirectX 11.4 and 11.3 can only be supported here on Windows 10. As with DirectX 12.0, updates are mainly provided by Windows Update.

How do I get the latest version of DirectX?

How to update DirectX:
  1. Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and enter type check. Then click Check for Updates.
  2. Click Check for Updates.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to have Windows Update automatically download and install the latest DirectX (included in updates) for you.

DirectX 11.2 is only supported on Windows 10, mostly Windows 8 (8.1+) is supported. Any updates that revert to useful DirectX 11.2 files must be re-available in all versions associated with Windows. There is no separate download for DirectX 11.2.

free download of latest directx runtime

DirectX 11.1 is configured on Windows 10 and Windows 2. Windows 8 (SP1) is supported over good, but only after installing this platform update on Windows 7.

DirectX 11.0 is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8, and then Windows 7. Windows Vista support is indeed available, but only once after a design update. Get 32-bit here or 64-bit here.

DirectX Search is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 5, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you have a custom program that sends a text message or requests a DirectX 9 file through Windows 10 (aka Windows 8), downloading it in a downloadable style (see above) solves the problem with the idea - it will hardly receive your DirectX Install "downgrade" 10/11/12! It is also the latest version of DirectX that works well with Windows XP.



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