Best Way to Fix Computer Fan Errors Simple Method

August 23, 2020 by Ryan Nolan


Hope this post will help you if you notice a computer fan crash.

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If the processor fan is not working, it can damage the processor and even the motherboard. In this case, your computer can no longer be started. In fact, if the processor fan is not working, further damage to your computer can occur. Hence, it is necessary to solve the problem when you know it.



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When people get this error, when everyone starts their computer or laptop and then returns to the most desired place!

Today we comfortably analyze the benefits and possible methods for eliminating errors. "CPU fan error, press F1" next to the pit.

These instructions literally mean the following: Press F1 to correct a major error in the drive for selection. In other words, just press the F1 key when starting the internet.

When problems are detected, appropriate text messages are displayed. Some mistakes are troubling and it is impossible to continuework hard because others are certainly not as critical as in our case.

This means you can click the mouse and keep working, but you have to be precise in your entertainment actions, because if the whole CPU cooler can't really be the master ladder, the computer will overheat.

Reasons For The Message "Press The CPU F1 Player Error Button".

Why is my computer fan running high?

Most of the reasons the laptop fan runs are due to high CPU usage caused by Windows updates or other applications. When the processor load is high, the processor heats up and the fan works to control the thermal temperature of the processor.

The product fan is plugged into a special socket on this motherboard, which is actually called the "processor fan". There are several other connections, for example. B. due to the "chassis fan" and "power fan" that may be connected to the situation or other large fans.

The BIOS of the technology determines the total amount of the emulator by the large number of its movements, that is, if the speed is "zero", the cooler for a bottle of wine is considered inoperative and a specific error message is displayed.

So, as a general rule, CPU enthusiasts tend to help out the wrong connection, and the BIOS just doesn't see it! To fix the problem, you just need to connect the wires to our correct connector, that's all!

You might be able to plug them in in addition to the corner that everything is in, but the BIOS might not take the speed / sensor into account and the same error will surely happen. This is almost certainly rare and overall surprising.

But if this is the case, there are probably two options: keep the tools often or ignore the error (see below).

If things are often properly related to what worked before you, it's time to open a new cover of all processors and then check if our own processor fan is working.

Perhaps your poor colleagues are already clogged with dust, and it will not turn over for a long time. Or the bollards have fallen into the blades and they will also prevent them from moving.

You can try cleaning a new fan and impeller, but customers still have to look for a new custom system.

As the strategy shows, cleaning helps very briefly. When the point is reached where the experts say the cooler barely spins, that must be a weak point.

Everything that was done was available at my home, and it really depended on it. The difficulty lies in the special “processor fan” connection. He hasn't stopped reading the main sensor rotation, did not bump into it or just occasionally.

I have not found any other way out but to connect the fan to a different connector on the motherboard. I kept getting the "F1 CPU Enthusiast Error" error, but I can control the RPM on the other main socket.

How To Ignore Big Errors When Starting Your Computer

Fortunately, almost every BIOS has a cool feature to remove the watchdog timer and CPU fan rotation.

To disable tracking, set the fan speed setting for the new processor to N / A, or Disabled if necessary. But immediately you need to make sure where the cooler works.

computer fan error

In other words, take a look from time to time to see if it works, or look at a lot of its settings in a different connection. Not required from time to time, usually to monitor a person's processor temperature.

Home monitoring is done effortlessly from a PC. Corrections using the appropriate dedicated software. In AIDA64, you can view the calculated temperature and polishing speed in the entire Computer -> Sensors section."

Rotational flux has not been shown on my laptop or PC, but you will see all human temperatures. Typically, the average charge pressure of chillers is currently between 1500 and 2500 cycles per minute (rpm).

This isn't superfluous if you want to adjust the thresholds so that your mobile computing device will automatically shut down when it overheats. This is also completed in the BIOS.

In addition, it should be possible to simply disable when waiting for a certain key "F1 for almost all non-critical errors. To do this, use the "Wait for F1 on error" option, which is activated when the payment fails.


We found out why an error occurred when starting this computer.

According to the numbers, most of the problems are associated with inactivity or slowing down of an adult. With a small turn, the rotation sensor displays zero. It's also too aggressively related to work.

The CPU will probably not burn on pretty much any completely non-working wine cooler, but the product will run surprisingly slow and there may be unique bugs in windows currently running on all boots. ,



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